Hey, I’m

Victor Verhaeghe

Actor / Writer / Producer / Teacher


Victor is an actor, writer, producer, character comedian, and story teller.

He continues to be one of the Producers of “Rough & Ready”,

 a monthly reading series for artists who are working on new material.


During this difficult time when all theaters are closed, "Rough & Ready" has gone online and is now, "rough&ready at home". You can find us on You tube at: "Rough&Ready Productions"

 He is currently working on a musical he is writing with Joe Boover and

Jason Cohen called: DOORMEN, THE MUSICAL.

COP-DOC, a short film/web series that Victor wrote/produced and starred in, 

 has picked up several awards in festivals this year, with more on the way. 

Other shorts that he wrote and produced that received festival attention

over the years:


 As an actor, he recently shot an episode of the new Netflix series, DASH AND LILLY, an episode of the ABC series, FOR LIFE, and a guest lead on the upcoming feature film,

BLACKLIGHT with Director Nick Snow and Producer Don Hatton of

Dashboard Media www.blacklightmovie.com

 He also shot two more episodes of THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL, as Antonio, the doorman, which is ironic since he is writing a musical about doormen.

He shot the feature film, BAD EDUCATION, with Hugh Jackman, Alison Janey and Ray Romano, which is now airing on HBO.

Other recent work: Feature Film, PEEL with Emile Hirsch and Amy Brenneman, guest starring role on THE AMERICANS, and the lead in another feature, “BRIDE IN THE BOX”.

Victor is also producing another series of videos called, WHAT IF… based on the idea of what if we tried love instead of guns, love instead of hate. He shot three of these videos recently and they can be seen on this site.

 He worked for three seasons in the recurring role of Damien Fleming in the HBO series BOARDWALK EMPIRE,starring Steve Buscemi.  He had a recurring role as Crime Scene Investigator, Detective Turley on the award winning HBO mini-series, THE NIGHT OF. Victor has also had many Guest Starring roles on TV shows, such asPERSON OF INTEREST, ELEMENTARY, BLUE BLOODS, THE GOOD WIFE, FRINGE, BORED TO DEATH, DAMAGES and several guest starring roles on all the LAW & ORDERS.