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Self Produced Works

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Writer, Producer, Storyteller

The many works from the inside of Victor Verhaeghe's mind

Victor Verhaeghe has created many worlds with his imaginative works, from plays and musicals to short films and even a feature film Victor has brought many of his ideas to fruition. 

Plays Written and Produced by Victor Verhaeghe

Brooklyn By the Slice

Triad Theatre

Naked and Unashamed

Surf Reality

The Great Official Subway Musical

Players Theatre

Songs My Mother Stole from Me

Creative Place Theater

La Vie Braindead

The Pink Pony

The Verhaeghe & Ginsburg Show

Westbeth Theater

The Women of James Bond

House of Candles


The Mint Theater (NY), The Complex (LA)

The Boovergi Show

The Playroom Theater

The Belgian Summers

The Abingdon Theater

Victors of Saint Goldstein

The Abingdon Theater

Doormen, the Musical

The C.O.W. Theater

The Victor Verhaeghe Hour

The Abingdon Theater

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